elder sister and younger brother live in the Pamir

PhotographerEd Wu
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Photo DateDec/2016
Technical InfoCanon 6D
Entry Description

Sakina(12) and Rozk(8) they live in 4200 meter high Pamir in Afghanistan. their mother remarried to someone from city, then they never met their mother again, they live with their relatives. Woman status are very low here. at first 3 days, Sakina refused to be taken photos, i didn't know why, after sometimes, i realized its because she is under controlled by her uncles. One day, i followed the siblings to collect the water from ice covered river, she finally allowed me to taker her photos, because her uncles are not around. i finally saw the true smile from Sakina.