PhotographerNicola Bertellotti
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPietrasanta, Italy
Photo Date9 march 2016
Technical InfoDigital photo
Entry Description

Abandoned anchors cemetery in Portugal

About Photographer

Nicola Bertellotti was born in 1976 in Pietrasanta (Lucca). From his early age his love for travelling led him to approach photography, that became for him a way through which retain the memory of his own experience. After reading "L'usage du monde" by Nicolas Bouvier rises his inner desire to describe to the others everything he meets like a fresco, emphasizing the stark reality of the places he explores and remaining sometimes hit and undressed by them. He studied History at the University of Pisa, where approached John Ruskin’s philosophy and where the sense of the transience of everything is deeply rooted in his vision of the world. His research is directed towards the aesthetics of decay, bringing him to develop a poetry marked by the beauty of abandonment, to a "Phenomenology of the end" of forgotten places, brought to light through the photographic lens. This representation of truth springs from a polished look on modern ruins, symbol of a lost time that you aspire to find.