PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPARIS, France
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoPictorial photography
Entry Description

Cities, places of all types, indoors or outdoors, which it vibrates the structures to disregard borders without distorting the human gravitating there paradoxically felt as weightless in these unstructured sets its "Vibrations". The "vibrations" of Didier Fournet are artistic representations , graphics, colorful , dreamlike , a changing world , since its more insignificant change to its deeper structural upheaval . Originally, a city , a landscape, a place emblematic or not, the artist reinvented for a new blossoming world and is emerging as a result of a work of abstraction originating from a contemporary reality never completely erased within each image. Each " Vibration " refers us to the limits of the real and the virtual. I like my "Vibrations" open the debate on a different world, new and yet familiar ... Each "Vibration" is a unique work, driven by energy, instinct and emotion of the moment.