Migrants/Refugees - Isle of Dreams

PhotographerTANGI Myriam
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPARIS, France
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoFilm black and white
Entry Description

Paris 2016. As the social services’s offices for refugees and asylum seekers are located at 127 Boulevard de La Villette, more than 3800 migrants (Afghans, Sudanese, Erythreans) settled along the aerial subway, at the St Martin Canal - where I live. Because this settlement is located by my appartment, these pictures have only been taken during my daily commute, on my way to work or shopping. I didn’t seek to make such photographs, I did not want to be on attitude of photo documentary. How to show our two realities ? Taken in september : Day after day, their presence was superimposed, one image on another : the one of the urban detritus and the one of the victims of the attacks, particularly the white cloth which is also their blanket. The name of some of their camping tents was « Ile of Dreams ».

About Photographer

Myriam Tangi is Born, lives and works in Paris Her creative path has followed three artistic venues : Painting – Photography – Poetry Diploma in Drawing at Ecole des Beaux Arts Paris Myriam Tangi has received many prizes and awards for her art work in painting, among them The Foundation Vocation Award, a Bronze Medal awarded by the Town of Paris, The Charles Oulmont and Taylor Foundations Awards. Myriam Tangi published three poetry books. The first one has been awarded by L’Académie française PHOTOGRAPHY : Travels in Yemen – India – USA - URSS “Mehitza. Seen by Women”, her photographic essay where she explores the distance and the separation between men and women in Jewish tradition have been exhibited at the MAHJ Paris, and published. Series in photography : « The Last Jews of Yemen » and « Urban intimacy at Paris plage » : Honorable mention at IPA « Migrants/Refugees – Isle of Dreams » : Finalist at SIPA