The Saloon

PhotographerKamau Patrick
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyPekat Photography Ltd.
City/CountryNairobi, Kenya
Photo DateJuly 11th, 2017
Entry Description

Series of portraits i created of a group 5th Generation descendants of 19th century outlaws who occupied an infamous town.

About Photographer

I'm Kamau Patrick, a commercial photographer born and raised in Kenya. I specialize in Portraiture and Lifestyle photography. Holding my first camera at age 20 was a big deal back then when I was an undergraduate Film Student at Multimedia University of Kenya. I later graduated with a bachelor's degree in Film Production. I initially wanted to be a film director but I took a different course of life when I stumbled upon photography and embarked on a journey to tell stories of the things that I like. This explains much of how films influence my work; my way of storytelling and photographic style.