A Muntagna

Photographervito finocchiaro
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrymascali, Italy
Entry Description

The Volcano Etna, A Muntagna in Sicilian dialect, has always been considered the eternal metaphor of the existent contradiction between the sense of movement and the immobility of the landscape, the place where the kingdom of life and the realm of death meet. The very symbol of the supernatural. A place, unique of its kind, where you feel suspended halfway between sky and earth, as while you are admiring her power and secrets, amid lunar landscapes of the lava fields and its craters, you are able to observe the horizon of the sea. This is my photographic interpretation of a mysterious and fascinating territory. An interpretation through the use of symbology: The circle and square that best represent the characteristics of this corner of the earth. The Circle, symbol of celestial cycles, of the spiritual world, of dynamism, of the infinite nature of energy. The Square, symbol of earth, of the finite, expression of man within a space. Together, the relation between heaven and earth, between perfect and imperfect, the ambition to a new stability. Circle and square, the eternal along with the temporary, the two opposite poles that characterize the soul of our Muntagna.

About Photographer

Italian, Vito was born in 1965 in Sicily. He has learned the secrets of photography from his father and the passion for this form of expression always accompanies his life. Freelance, he’s a keen observer of the issues that surround him, both, concerning his homeland and the various cultures he meets in the world. Exactly from this interest has started his collaboration with non-profit organizations.