Feet of Archangels

PhotographerSusanne Junker
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerlin, Germany
Photo DateJuly 2017
Technical InfoSony W830 w. Zeiss Vario-Tessa
Entry Description

These feet are parts of ruinous larger-than-life angel sculptures. Actually I was looking for a 1945 mass grave, an unkempt wild pasture with estimated 140 souls, gone without names and almost no traces, somewhere between former Tempelhof airport and Kreuzberg district. Instead, in close distance, I found nine lordly angels, made in bronze, copper and marble, heavily damaged. These strong and tall angels, around 200 years old, appear just to have landed, with huge wings but vulnerable naked feet - they must have witnessed and survived apocalyptic wars, death and destruction. As archangels maybe they take care for the people in the mass grave. Maybe the people and the angels knew each other when they were alive.