PhotographerAhn Jun
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2013-2014
Technical InfoPhotography/Performance
Entry Description

From the series of work "Gravity" It is made by the result of one straight shoot with high shutter speed, throughout repetitive performance of throwing apples. Through a repetitive performance, I created intentional randomness and then recorded it. And in an editing process, I selected one frame per a performance; a frame with a compositional balance that suggested the apple was being just stopped in the midway, like it will stay there forever. I am using this performance for taking one picture as a metaphor of life. For me, life is like a thing thrown into a space with gravity. It starts through a destiny of love, the process is random, and eventually faces destiny of death. And what we remember is the beauty of randomness. On my work I am investigating the relationship between performance and photography, surreality within a real world made by beauty of coincidence.

About Photographer

Jun Ahn is a South Korea born artist who is based in New York. She got her BA in Art History in University of Southern California. Through studying the work of others in history, she became wished to create her own. Hence she was introduced into photography in 2006, and started her graduate study in photography at Pratt Institute on 2007. And she got MFA with Honors on 2012. Recently her works are shown internationally includes the United States, Korea, Russia, and Taiwan.