Toowoomba Saga

PhotographerEdwin Mangabat
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyHeritage Bank Limited
City/CountryToowoomba, Australia
Photo DateJuly 2017
Entry Description

Toowoomba Saga depicts a series of historical buildings and structures that can be found in the Regional town of Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia Empire Theatre (911) – Art deco style and reminiscent of the "glory days" of Hollywood. Hotel Norville (1903) designed by James Marks & Sons and described as the first 3-storey building in Toowoomba. The balconies are interesting and guests must have enjoyed seeing passengers arrive and leave from the busy railway station nearby. Building at 26 Russel Street (1892) - It was Mr Gaydon’s saddlery for many years. A well-respected architect named HWK Martin designed this building (died in 1897 from typhoid aged just 36 years). Toowoomba Trades Hall (est. 1934) – important in demonstrating the development of trade unionism, a movement that has made an influential contribution to the development of Queensland. Masonic Hall (1886) – Constructed in 1886 and houses among others, Southern Cross Lodge No. 18

About Photographer

Edwin have started his photography journey in the early of 2015. From a simple hobby of taking snapshots of the streets in Singapore using his mobile phone, It eventually turned into passion and obsession, to capture and create amazing landscape images. For him, photography is a form of meditation and anti-stress reliever, where he tend to forget the life's toughest challenges and problems while shooting. ​ His passion is on Landscapes, Seascapes, Nature, Astrophotography, and Cityscapes photography. In short span of time, He had won several local Australian and international awards such as 2nd place and Alwyn Kucks Memorial Award in Heritage Bank Photographic Award (Queensland), Merit Ribbon, Sydney Harbour International 2017, Peoples Choice Award in Docklands Competition, Merit and Highly Commended (Scapes) in 9th Australian Digital Photography Awards (ADPA 2017), Silver and Honourable Mention Awards in Moscow International Fotography Awards (MIFA) 2017.