HEROES - Acid attack survivors in Bangladesh

PhotographerErberto Zani
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBasel, Switzerland
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoCanon 5DMkIII + Sigma 24-105
Entry Description

Disfigured with industrial acid by neighbours, relatives or boyfriends-husbands for economic reasons or senseless jealousies, these people are forced to survive for years at borders of society. Often they are considered guilty for their look, impure creatures to leave in the shadows. Destroying the face of a person using acid, criminals don't want kill, but they prefer erase the identity of victims by a kind of black mark to show inevitably every day to the society: is not a coincidence if many women, also years after the attack, prefer kill themself. I worked with the fundamental support of Acid Survivors Foundation, active in Dacca since 1999. The photographic sequence “Heroes”, one portrait – one story, is made by straight portraits showing the effects on the skin, realized inside the survivors' s homes and accompanied with interviews. Scars are proudly exhibit as a symbol of a war against the human insanity.

About Photographer

Erberto Zani (Italy, 1978) is a freelance photographer, journalist and photo books designer. Since 1998 he worked as photographer in advertisement sector. Freelance since 2008, most of his works are focused documentary-social themes. He cooperates with companies, magazines and No Profit Organizations, for photographs and editorial projects. Available for assignments internationally, he lives in Basel - Switzerland.