Life of Flowers

PhotographerAlessandra D'Innella
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date06/2017
Entry Description this transient phenomenal world with its constant change, what appears to exist in fact does not. A Cup of Sake Beneath the Cherry Trees, Kenko Life of flowers is a project inspired by the idea of impermanence and illusion of reality in Zen philosophy. Using flowers as an ephemeral subject and painting them with ‘unreal colours’ to give the feeling of illusion. In this case photographs themselves are a further illusion of reality and time.

About Photographer

Alessandra is a London-based photographer, she gained an MA in photography and video at Goldsmiths University. Central to her work is the exploration of creative processes and how these are affected by cultural identities. She is interested in how other countries and cultures can trigger imagination, nostalgia and escapism and how this can be visually translated into something that echoes a particular place or pure imagination.