Stages of Discovery

PhotographerMark Holcomb
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMark Holcomb Photography
City/CountryFair Oaks, United States
Photo DateSeries photos from 1977-2009
Entry Description

Discovering ones sexual abuse by a father is represented by 5 images from grooming, intro to pornography, penetration, dissociation, and shame

About Photographer

Spirituality, especially contemplation and notions of mindfulness play a key role in the process of my work. I do not seek images to capture, I go out waiting for images to form and tacitly desire to be captured. “Do I see the image or does it see me?” This adage comes out of my philosophical study of Carl Jaspers’s concept of transcendence, Martin Heidegger’s principle regarding the saving power of art, prayer and contemplation. I am deeply influenced by the flat plane images of Abstract Expressionism, the still life photographic work of Edward Weston and Irving Penn; the surrealist works of Phillipe Halsman; and the abstract cityscape work by Aaron Siskind. My older brother Rod, a film student, gave me a Kodak Instamatic in 1967 and parents supplied all the film and processing I wanted. They took me often to the de Young museum in San Francisco and eventually to the MOMA. In 1977, at the age of 20 I began taking my vision seriously shooting my first abstract images while a Theology student at USF. This is where I entered my first photographic contest and took 1st place. In 1981 I dropped out of school, married, moved to Switzerland and began an advertising photography apprenticeship in Zurich. I also spent time at Kunsthaus Zurich looking at modern art. In 1983 I returned to San Francisco and began working with Larry Keenan, working on both a personal and advertising portfolios, during and while opening my own studio working with regional and national brands. I eventually received degrees in Philosophy and Clinical Psychology leading to licensure as a psychotherapist. I have entered the International Photography Award twice with an honorable mentions in 2008 and 2010.