Little Bullfighter of Mexico

PhotographerChristina Simons
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMelbourne, Australia
Photo Date06112016
Entry Description

The tremendously talented and promising Cristóbal, aged 10, has been training for 2 years. He is known as ‘El Maletilla’, meaning a bullfighter with great potential. Cristobal fights the 150kg bull called "Mañito" or little brother. The bull gored him during his fight, and when asked about how he felt about it he said “it’s an occupational hazard.” He goes on to say; “To fight a bull is something beautiful, there are a lot of emotions… adrenaline, excitement and the danger is always there. As a torero you are always afraid but this is normal, it makes you stronger and helps you to take control of your fear… from that point you move ahead.”

About Photographer

I’m American and Icelandic. I’ve lived in three cities in America. I’ve spent a decade in London where I worked in film and TV Post-Production before moving and settling in Australia, where I’ve now lived and worked as a photographer for 15 years. I’ve had the privilege of working for The New York Times, The Times (UK) and several NGO’s such as Medicine Sans Frontiers. My passion for human rights and civil liberties has led to projects such as my 2006 Haiti Project on children sold in to slavery known as 'restaveks', women’s health in the Philippines, Aboriginal education in the Northern Territory amongst other social documentaries. I’ve likewise worked on several social and cultural documentary series, one of which “Derby Girls” has earned honourable mention in the 2013 IPA Awards and a finalist in the 2011 CCP Documentary Awards.