ECKEN (Corners)

PhotographerPeter Braunholz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKronberg, Germany
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoArchival pigment prints
Entry Description

In his new series “Ecken” Peter reveals the hidden poetry of corners. An unrealness lies in the strange beauty of these images, which also arouses a melancholic atmosphere. “Ecken” is strongly related to Arthur Danto’s idea of art as “The Transfiguration of the Commonplace” (Harvard University Press, 1981). Peter chose common corner spaces as the motifs for his work and strongly focuses not on their material, but on their immaterial quality. Peter does not use the square format to produce a centered composition, but to support the unreal atmosphere of the images. With the right-angled windows, corner-lines and additional geometric elements in his square images, he produced strong frame-in-frame compositions, which seem perfectly balanced. Another aspect of “Ecken” is the special color and light ambience: The absence of shadows and the smooth colors add an element of quietness and sobriety.

About Photographer

STUDIES Music Los Angeles (USA) German & Film Frankfurt (DE) Design & Photography Munich | Frankfurt (DE) WORK Photographic Artist Curator, Jury member (Abisag-Tuellmann-Prize, IPOTY Awards) GALLERIES Anja Knoess Cologne Julia Philippi Heidelberg Wesner Constance Art Projects Friedberg c14 Shanghai (coop.) EXHIBITS include Musée du Louvre Paris (FR) Arsenale of Venice (IT) Huantie Times Art Museum Beijing (CN) Mannheimer Kunstverein (DE) SF Camerawork (US) a.m.o. GRANTS & AWARDS 2017 Life Framer Awards | HM 2016 Lumiere Awards | HM 2016 LensCulture Awards | F 2016 Neutral Density Awards | HM 2016 Neutral Density Awards | 2nd 2015 IPA Awards | HM 2015 ArtSlant Photography Award 2015 Lacda Los Angeles | Winner 2015 Exposure Award | F 2015 Arte Laguna Prize | F 2015 Hoepfner Prize | F 2015 Neutral Density Awards | HM 2014 ArtSlant New Media Award 2013 AiR Huantie Times Art Museum Beijing 2012 AiR | Witte Foundation Spain 2009 Fotofestival MA-LU-HD Review-Favourite MONOGRAPHIC BOOK "Photographic Realities" by Kehrer Publishing Essay by Gerard A. Goodrow 2017 COLLECTIONS Peter Braunholz is represented with his work in numerous collections worldwide