Unlikely Heroes

PhotographerWalter Lewis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLeeds, United Kingdom
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoFuji X-Ti equipment
Entry Description

In 2015 I travelled around England and Wales visiting people who are producing food in ways which are actively regenerative of the earth, the environment and community. They form a loose web of environmental action. Here, food production is destined for local markets, organic, small in scale, diverse, low in energy use, high in animal welfare. It is everything that factory farming is not, yet in choosing to grow in this way the practitioners are not opting for an easy way out. The life is demanding with motivation driven by an activist belief that change can only come from us individually choosing to live better lives. In choosing such a life, these people are writing the story of an agrarian renaissance and fuelling hope for a future. Daring to think and live alongside, but out-with, the norms of society, they throw the gauntlet down to the rest of us.

About Photographer

After studying for graduate and doctorate degrees in biochemistry, I have spent 35 years earning a living at the interface of technology and commerce. This ended in 2012 when I decided to follow my dreams of being a photographer. I started my dream quest by enrolling on a Master of Arts course in photography at the University of Sunderland (UK). My interest in photography has been lifelong, initially in creating holiday mementos, and then as a serious amateur landscape photographer. I was awarded the MA with Distinction in 2012. With this new understanding as a base, I started evolving a practice which creates visual narratives which arise from, and which promote, serious reflection on who we are, what we are and how we relate to the world around us. Fundamentally I seek to explore the ability of places and activities to render narratives which challenge 'values' in the mainstream world, and which can inspire new and sustainable 'ways of being'.