3rd Place / People / Culture

The Mystic Healers

  • Photographer
    Simone Tramonte
  • Date of Photograph

The WHO estimates that 80% of the African population uses traditional medicine to meet their needs for primary health care. In Burkina Faso, public health care is a paid service and for most people it is impossible to face economically a disease of medium gravity. In a country where there is only one doctor every 20,000 people and 1 hospital bed per 2,500 people, access to care is difficult. The African continent is a tangle of people suspended between respect for tradition and the desire for modernity, but to ancient beliefs, the roots, those remain. In Africa, feticheurs, sorcerers and healers are not extinguished. Mysticism and magic, along with a healthy dose of superstition, are the other face of a continent that, despite everything, does not abandon its ancient past. The locals regardless of their religion or social background when needed prefer to go to traditional healer rather than a doctor.

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