PhotographerPhil Thompson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySydney, Australia
Photo DateMay 2017
Entry Description

The silence after a devastating bush fire is difficult to describe however a B&W image captures it.

About Photographer

I started documenting the aftermath of the Sir Ivan Dougherty Drive bush fire (Feb 2017) after volunteering with an organization (BlazeAid) that rebuilds fences on properties, after they were destroyed by the fire. My early life was in a small rural community, then Sydney, Australia, for most of my life. This has helped me empasize with the trials and tribulations of rural life. What struck me was the silence. Even the farmer whose fences we were rebuilding, asked as if we had heard any bird calls. No food, no birds. No grass or leaves then no rustling leaf sounds. No animal sounds. They were gone, either on agistment or dead. I'm trying to capture this silence, the silence of the aftermath.