Malacarne Kids come first

PhotographerFrancesco Faraci
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPalermo, Italy
Photo Date2014-2016
Entry Description

A three-year journey in the Palermo suburbs. A deep immersion, without any prejudices, in a magmatic and swirling, full of energy often uncontrollable humanity. The protagonist are the children who lives on the fringes of society: they are forced to learn the rules of being in the world from an early age. Cep, Zen, Brancaccio, Sperone and Ballaro: a world in miniature with strong and prohibitive identity. Understand the social fabric means establishing a pact of mutual trust. No one betrays none. Those looks, those stories draw a constellation that goes beyond the same photography. The kids over there are nonconformists, provocative and rebellious. They go straight to the point, to the essence, it’s hard to cheat they even want to. The conformist middle-class, calling them Malacarne (Badflesh: the animal wastes, putrid scrapes that smells of death, that would not even to the slaughterhouse).