Provence Sunrise

PhotographerJorge Maia
Prize3rd Place in Nature / Landscapes
CompanyJorge Maia Photographer
City/CountryLisboa, Portugal
Photo Date29-06-2017
Entry Description

Photos of Provence sunrise. I woke up every day around 5:00 am to shoot the wonderful lavender fields in the morning, at that time it's all so calm and peaceful and we can really enjoy everything around us.

About Photographer

I'm from Portugal. Photography is where I find the serenity, tranquility and space for reflection, it serves as a round-trip ticket, each image has the ability to put feelings captured in the world of experiences and immortalize them on film. I collect memories of this world, emotions I felt at that moment. Love to travel and experience new places, cultures and people. Photography is not about the gear or the rules, it's about passion, dedication, study, lot's of work and patience, it's a constant learning process. Basically landscapes, cityscapes, architecture are my preferred subjects.