Muslim woman

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/Countrylondon, United Kingdom
Photo Date05/01/2016
Entry Description

What comes to mind when talking about Muslim women to non-Muslims, is people who are oppressed or people who cannot express their opinions. My goal is to break this misconception of Muslim women and show the audience that not all Muslim women are oppressed or are limited in their opportunities. The project is about society’s perception of Muslim women and how they are seen in this day and age. In this project I documented my sister in our home and captured those personal moments in order to share these moments to help destroy these stigmas that society holds about Muslim women. Muslim women are often seen as the others or people who are very secretive, so many people don't know their way of living or what they do. Despite the constant alienation and dehumanisation of Muslim women in society, I wanted to demonstrate the normality of Muslim women’s lives. By documenting my sister at our house this gave more freedom to capture the images to show the message behind this project.