Sinking Island

PhotographerSupratim Bhattacharjee
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKolkata, India
Entry Description

The coastal region of West Bengal in India is under the grip of sea which is rising at a quick rate due to the global warming. The Mousuni Island (22-23 sq km) in the Sunderban delta is one such prominent victim of sea-level-rise; here 3/4th of the island has been gobbled by the sea, leaving the inhabitants homeless. After the massive damage caused by Aila in 2009, the embankments were not repaired; now the vehement tidal forces are gorging upon the land with destructive claws. Saline water expands up to 5-7 kilometer from the sea shore, leaving the soil infertile. Farming has either become limited or completely stopped. As a result, the occupation of the farmers is changing. They have started migrating to South India in search of work. Some people have started fishing. The land will be completely drowned within a few years.

About Photographer

I was born (1983) and raised up at Baruipur, a small town way 30 km south from Kolkata, India. During college days I was really fascinated about the humanitarian issues of voiceless communities. I wanted to start working over those issues way before. But I had no money, which is why I started shooting commercially and all the earning money has directly been used to create these ongoing projects. The projects I have been working right now are 1.Global warming in South Asia ( This ongoing visual depicts how South Asia is experiencing the worst effect of global warming) 2. Sinking Ganges Delta ( This ongoing visual depicts how world's most largest and densely populated delta is experiencing the worst effect of sea level rise) 3.The dark side of urbanization in South Asia (This ongoing visual depicts how rapid urbanization is leading to the creation of slums). I have travelled in different regions of India, Bangladesh and Nepal and have a plan to travel all those SAARC countries to take viewers within the reality of living in South Asia, illustrating with dignity, respect and honesty the most negative and the most positive aspects of humanity therein.