Mentawai: people in perdition

PhotographerQuentin Martinez
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMontpellier, France
Photo Date07/2016
Technical Info6D, lenses, flash, softbox
Entry Description

Mentawai people are a native community living on the Siberut Island (Indonesia). They traditionally living with forest ressources. They hunt all animal species (monkeys, dears, pangolins, insectes, reptiles, amphibians…) and have several hunting customs like the women night fishing light by fire torch, the read of the future on the heart pig or the dances for animal of the forest. From an early age children learn and participate to hunt and fish. However, these forests and animals knowledge are being lost due to the western way of life and the forest exploitation. For my first report I went up on the river several days of sailing to spend 15 days with one of the last village continuing to live part of the resources of the forest.