Your story

PhotographerKenta Nakamura
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKawara-machi Tagawa-gun, Fukuoka, Japan
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Taking photograph is often used to show the subject with some kind of meaning or thoughts behind it. However I wanted to give my pieces a different purpose. This project is taken in three different situations. Portrait, documentary and set up. By making the subject wearing 3D glasses, it weakens the identity of the subject. I wanted the audiences to recall their own stories by being “watched” from the subject of my pieces.

About Photographer

Kenta Nakamura is a portrait, documentary, contemporary photographer based in Fukuoka and Tokyo, Japan. Born in 1981. Working for a photo studio LOBJET. Solo Exhibitions 2017 Kenta Nakamura solo exhibition @Nizhniy Tagil Museum of Fine Arts (Russia) 2017 Mitsugetsu @Space Place Gallery (Russia) 2017 Your story @Kitchen Stella (Kitakyushu) Selected Group Exhibitions 2017 Labs New Artists @Red Hook Labs (New York) 2016 KYOTOGRAPHIE KG+ SPECIAL EXHIBITION (Kyoto) 2016 PHOTOVOGUE/inFASHION @BASE MILANO (Milano) Awards 2016 PHOTOVOGUE/inFASHION 30 best photographers 2016 The best of Photo Vogue 2016 Featured iGNANT (Germany) It's Nice That (UK) THE HUFFINGTON POST about "Mitsugetsu" (US) Thisispaper (Poland) THE HUFFINGTON POST about "SnowSilver" (US) C 41 Magazine (Italy) PHROOM (Italy) WE ART (Germany) and more.