The soul of cities at night

PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryVALENCIENNES, France
Photo Date2014, 2017
Entry Description

Photographic attempt to express the soul of the city at night

About Photographer

Born in 1959 in Valenciennes, Jean Marc Deltombe practiced photography from a young age. Along with his classical training, he attended the School of Fine Arts of Valenciennes where he was a student of André Dubuisson. He was also a student of Bernard Casteloot. He enjoys international recognition in the world of photography and many of these pictures are selected by glorious photographic circles He is an honorary member of the WORLD BEST TOP PHOTOGRAPHER ASSOCIATION his favorite quote : " My Aspirations are to ennoble Photography and to secure for it the character and uses of High Art by combining the real and ideal and sacrificing nothing of the truth by all possible devotion to poetry and beauty. " Letter from Julia Margaret Cameron to John Herschel , December 31, 1864 exhibitions: France : Valenciennes 2006 Collective exhibition France : Wargnies-le-Petit in 2013 personal exhibition Netherlands : Harderwijk / City Museum in 2015 group exhibition Switzerland : Biennial art photography Carouge 2016 group exhibition Netherlands : Harderwijk / City Museum in 2016 group exhibition Bengal : Bengal International photo exhibition 2017 USA: Los Angeles (Venice beach) solo exhibition 2017 Publications: 2015 Shades of Grey 1 Magazine : file 2015 Shades of gray 2 Magazine : Article 2015 Shades of gray 4 Magazine : Article 2016 Capture Mania Photography Magazine 3: file 2016 Collective work of WORD BEST TOP PHOTOGRAPHER ASSOCIATION 2016 Book of Thomas Brotzler "Architektur in Schwarzweiss" chapter 2016 Worl Best Top Photographer Magazine n°1 2017 Worl Best Top Photographer Magazine n°2