Unimoto Russia

PhotographerAlessandro D'Angelo
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlessandro D'Angelo
City/CountryColli del Tronto, Italy
Photo Date28 jan 2017
Entry Description

An unimotorcycle is the unholy combination of a motorcycle and a sled. It has one wheel, a few runners, and an absurdly powerful engine that propels the entire contraption across a frozen lake at breakneck speeds. Brakes? Pfft. They're an afterthought at best. All of which is to say, you have to be crazy to ride one. Location: the snow-blanketed town of Togliatti, Russia, where the temperature never climbed above -10 degrees Fahrenheit. The event drew about 1,000 spectators and 35 unimoto riders, many of whom came from hundreds of miles away. Races began each day around 11 am and continued through the afternoon. Riders astride homemade machines seemingly inspired by Mad Max vied to post the fastest times. Many of them rode contraptions adapted from Honda and Yamaha motorcycles, with runners crafted from shovels and other stuff you'd find in the garage.