Clock Dream

PhotographerMuge Karamanci
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNYC, United States
Photo Date2012
Technical InfoCanon 5D mark ii, soft box
Entry Description

I work with water a lot as a theme, trying to show the feeling of being trapped and helpless. However, for me, water means freedom and purification, so I try to demonstrate that contradictory relationship. Time is another theme in my photographs, and it is a big part of my everyday anxiety. Reflection of age, ticking clock of expectations, being emotionally young but otherwise feeling very old. In this photograph, I connect water and time together showing what lies in my subconscious.

About Photographer

Muge Karamanci was born in 1989 and lived most of her life in Istanbul, Turkey. She graduated from Northeastern University with communications and cinema dual major in 2011. She has two Turkish poetry books published; the first one published in 2005 (Translated as: “Is this World Ours?”) and the second one in 2009 (Translated as: “Give me my Name”). She has completed the Post Bacc. program at the School of Museum of Fine Arts in 2013. She now lives in New York City. She has over 700 photos published in the online magazine “Citizen Brooklyn.”