PhotographerJens Juul
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJens Juul
City/CountryCopenhagen N, Denmark
Photo DateJuly 2017
Technical InfoCanon 5d markll
Entry Description

Every year people gather close to the city of Roskilde, for Roskilde Festival, the largest culture and music festival in Northern Europe. Roskilde Festival is an ocean of music and creative outlets. To many, the camping grounds are the venue of a large part of the combined Roskilde experience. Many have rules for setting up the tents and creating creative camp spaces. It becomes a specific way of life with rites and traditions, specific ways of doing things. Of living. Since I first went to Roskilde, I have been amazed by the many different ways of doing Roskilde that I came across. So I went back with my camera, for a camp life expedition, taking me through a vast variety of ways of life. So here they are, The Biotopes.

About Photographer

A great deal of my photography starts from a desire to describe the individual person in settings where he or she is alone and private. The point of departure is not a pose but to take pictures of peoples lives with all the little things we each do. A kind of active portrait photography. It is important to me to capture each person as immediately as possible and without filter, and thus I prefer to photograph my subjects in settings or during activities where they are undisturbed by others.