Tulipomania / Passion Tulips

PhotographerOlga Rook
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRotterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

This tulip still life series is inspired by the old Dutch masters and the classic "Vanitas" theme. At the same time, I use the expressive shape and color of these flowers as methaphor for a more modern symbolism of human characters and relationships. To me, this series is about mature beauty and love.

About Photographer

Olga Rook is a photographer based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. She has always been intrigued by perception, imagination, time and illusion. Her artistic approach can be characterized as poetic conceptualism, grounded in ideas but flavored with poetry. Before turning to photographic art Olga obtained her master’s and PhD degrees in History and specialized in Renaissance culture. She believes that a historian’s training in focusing on the hazy texture of remote time while being rooted in the present moment helps her reflect on the borders of everyday perception. Her photography is about the hidden side of everyday life – the symbols, meanings and illusive worlds discovered and constructed through reflection and imagination.