The Baroque Symphony

PhotographerYana Vasilyeva
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKrasnodar, Russian Federation
Photo Date2015
Technical InfoNikon
Entry Description

There is an indissoluble connection between music, human and nature. Delicate sounds of the surrounding world, subtle nuances of the human soul, life itself with its diversity, complexity and uniqueness - that's what music contains, it's everywhere. The series is the immersing into the contemplative state, for comprehending ones true nature. It is a meditative session, through cognition of the splendor, harmony of nature in all manifestations. Bizarre, baroque lines and contemplation, as consideration of problems of world outlook in the unity of nature. The series encourages the viewer to hear the music between the petals; using imagination and the current emotional state to compose one’s own symphony; hear the unique tonality of each flower; hear the rustling of one withered bud and the smoothness and softness of the acoustic lines of the other. Diving into the enveloping visual theater, where everyone is both viewer and conductor.

About Photographer

Portrait and fine art photographer covering social, psychological, environmental aspects based on contemporary issues in the world.