Dreams and Nightmares

PhotographerMatthieu Zellweger
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRolle, Switzerland
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Dreams are reality. Laced with our worst fears and emboldened by our dearest wishes. Dreams have fuzzy boundaries with our unspoken depths. They take us to a fantasy world of near darkness, to an all-too-familiar underworld; their light is confused, hazed and undefined but the agitated zone is easy to reach. Blessed those dreams that are vaguely smiling, one short step away from agitated sleep. Woe to you haunting nightmares, incoming tide of pseudo-danger in the most vulnerable of moments. How are we to not spend our last drop of energy fighting ourselves in this closed-loop trap? Who are these characters, and why is it that known as they may look, they are not to be recognized? Why do we send them to talk to ourselves behind the closed doors of our eyes? On this journey, our own soul roams free amidst self-created ghosts. Until sunrise, that is.