PhotographerPedro Benitez
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryLas Palmas, Spain
Photo Date29/05/2017
Entry Description

We are born in original sin and we must suffer in this life to get to the paradise after death , the stereotyped concept between the doctrine of religions, and in this case the Catholic religion, in which the concept "Sin, Suffering and Death" predominates in its symbolism. Therefore it is evident that the symbol of the catholic religion is the torture and death of its prophet. This incarnation of the Nude, which I have called Pathos, is always an expression of the same idea: The man, with his Pride, has suffered the wrath of the Gods...

About Photographer

My name is Pedro Benitez and I am a freelance photographer based in Gran Canaria (Spain), although my work is specialized in tourist establishments, I love all photographic disciplines. For me create images for people to enjoy them, it's the most wonderful job in the world.