A Tender Dissolution

PhotographerAaron McPolin
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Nudes
CompanyAaron McPolin Photography
City/CountryPerth, Australia
Photo DateJuly 2017
Technical InfoStudio and collaboration
Entry Description

I can only hope that this series gives you the insight to accept the unknown without judgement and to expand your curiosity to seek out the beauty in the taboo. Shibari is an artistic form of Japanese rope bondage, there are many different interpretations of it’s history, but most of it all comes down to the modification of judicial hojojutsu and the ukiyo-e woodblock prints of various torture techniques. However The Japanese art of kinbaku ‘tight binding’ is primarily aesthetic, as opposed to the more provocative art that kinbaku aims to express. The practice has diverse forms, most notably ‘Connective Rope’ which delves into intimacy, ‘Artistic Rope’ which is shaped around aesthetics and ‘Beauty in Suffering’ to which the subject is positioned in contortions designed to create controlled reactions.

About Photographer

Originating from Manchester, England. Aaron’s early influences were by his mother, watching her paint, sculpture nail art and coiffure in her salon, whilst his father fashioned, moulded and tinkered new invetions in his shed. Aaron's vibrant curiosity delved him to undertake a beauty course, whilst also completing his design and adverting degree at Curtin University. His love for fashion was sparked when glimpsing the fashion students in the next building, as they cut, stitched and sketched their designs, this quickly led to a flourish of collaborations and experimentation. "I enjoy listening to the people, their story, vision and dreams, learning their culture and beliefs that are often presented their creations, and all I want to do, is make them come to life through photography." Since 2008 Aaron has worked nationally and internationally, photographing campaigns for elite beauty and fashion designers. whilst also developing courses as an educator for Curtin University and SHOOT workshops, teaching conceptual development and collaboration in the photography industry.