EV -3

PhotographerThomas Lin
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryHong Kong, Hong Kong
Photo Date2016
Technical InfoLarge format film photography
Entry Description

According to an older method of nocturnal exposure calculation, to take a proper night scene photo by full-moon light without artificial light interference requires an exposure value of EV -3. This method has long been forgotten with the advancements in camera technologies, but inspired me to ask though, ”What will happen when I shoot my brightly lit home city, Hong Kong, with the same exposure value?” Then I started off with my large format camera and obtained as expected some negatives of severe over exposure. However, if artificial light stands for human civilisation, what really surprised me are those dazzling images of the city, which seemed to suggest a “saturated” state of human civilisation, bear some implications: it reflected the long journey that man has gone through from the dark ages to nowadays’ civilisation, and nobody can tell what the future holds for all of us.

About Photographer

Thomas Lin is a Hong Kong photographer and committee member of Hong Kong International Photo Festival. He divides his time between commissioned projects and art education. Lin cares about human situation changes through lens-based art. His works have been exhibited in different cities and collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum and private collectors.