Cuban Taxis

PhotographerLinuay Ing
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTaipei, Taiwan
Entry Description

There are several types of taxis found in Cuba. Official taxis for tourists include a meter. It is not uncommon to encounter tourist taxis without meters. If this is the case, get a quoted rate before taking a taxi to your destination. There is also a type of taxi used only by Cubans, and it comes at a reduced rate, payable only in Cuban pesos. These drivers seldom pick up tourists. Pedal and yellow coco taxis are other fun, short distance modes of transportation. Both can be found throughout Havana and are cheaper than traditional taxis. Negotiate the fare with your driver before accepting a ride. In modern-day Cuba, taxi drivers make much, much more money than doctors and other professionals. On his quietest day, a Cuban taxi driver makes around CUC$60 (US$60). In contrast, a doctor is paid CUC$40 a month.

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