3rd Place / Editorial / Environmental

Unrecycled lanscapes

  • Photographer
    Lorenzo Pierucci
  • Date of Photograph
    June 2017
  • Technical Info
    Single digital capture

The series is been captured in an a recycle plant in the south of Taiwan. Whit his different forms and colors it seems is become a whole landscape it self. A reminder of what we consume, of what we need to do, and of what is here for stay if we don't do anything.


The concept of Unrecycled landscape is what is left behind. In the past year the island of Taiwan has done a lot to go green. Once factory of the western world, has now see the mass production been moved to China, and eventually forced to use the the brain rather then the muscles. Taiwan has then develop a whole industry about recycling, that take the country to a 55% of recycling rate. In this success i took the time to reflect on what it will be if we don’t take action. What it will be left behind. Even if collected and accumulated, those landscape are here for stay.

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