PhotographerJerad Armijo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPortland, United States
Photo Datevarious dates
Technical Infovarious with each image
Entry Description

"Intimacy” is an ongoing series of photographs featuring intimate moments I’ve shared with my husband. I utilize chiaroscuro lighting techniques (from the renaissance) to create the essence of intimacy shared between my soulmate and I. These techniques paint the light to make him seem of “royalty”, which is how I view him daily. All photographs in the series use ambient lighting found at the location of the shoot. I’m very precise about my exposure techniques. I love to use higher shutter speeds with smaller apertures to generate dramatic lighting to create more focus on my husband. I change my ISO accordingly to use these techniques to create a dramatic lighting effect. Another key to my portraiture is utilizing the environment where the photograph is taken. I use lines, colors, and shapes from the environment to control the viewer's eye.