Brothers and Sisters

PhotographerNadine Maas
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryAmsterdam, Netherlands
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoNikon D800
Entry Description

Brothers and Sisters is a personal photo series, in which I am exploring the relationship between half-brothers and -sisters, with an age difference of at least ten years. For personal reasons I am fascinated by this relationship, which is simply not comparable to 'full' brothers and sisters who grow up together as children. The new family circumstances require in many cases not in the least place quite some adaptability. Sometimes the age difference between the children is so big, that one could be the parent of the other. It is a complex and peculiar blood-relationship, sometimes difficult or awkward, oftentimes quite moving, because of the vulnerability of all people involved, and I am always surprised and most often touched by the unexpected beauty of these relationships.