★ Gaze - Mas de la Comtesse ★

PhotographerRonald Courillon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCheroy, France
Photo Date28/07/2017
Entry Description

The GAZE, consists in making cross a stream by swimming to a herd (manade) of bulls. This tradition stems from the fact that once during the movements of the manade (which was done on foot) the guardians had to cross the many rivers and canals. Pushed by the horsemen, the bulls plunge into the stream, and swim together towards the other shore, they emerge, well refreshed with a coat of a shining black!

About Photographer

I work as artist freelancer since 2007. You can check the extent of my work here : www.blackandspicy.fr & www.blackandspicy-photos.fr