Ça bouge!

PhotographerAlexandros Moridis
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBrussels, Belgium
Photo Date18/06/2017
Entry Description

Ça bouge in french means it Rocks! French speaking people use it to express their enthusiasm for something that makes them happy usually a party, an event or a game! I was surprise to see that Brussels is a city that really Rocks! Every summer the Brussels music Festival calls us to discover, from neighbourhood to neighbourhood, what is the next big thing you need to be! Electro, Jazz, Techno, House, Foxtrot and more make our days in this small capital not only better but unexpectedly amusing! You know everyone by name, we flirt, we dance and we kiss. And the most common phrase you hear around is “where are you from, what is your name?”. Enjoy Brussels :)

About Photographer

Greek photographer based in Brussels.