PhotographerMarjan Yazdi
Prize3rd Place in People / Lifestyle
City/CountryVancouver, Canada
Entry Description

We all need that one activity in life to make us take our minds off of our daily lives and take us to that intimate and calm state of mind. Through this series of work I have tried to capture this intimate moment. Majority of Iranians have a very unique lifestyle that is dictated by cultural and traditional views which has been influenced by religion to an extent. This makes it very difficult for a photographer to enter their private lives. Through this series I have captured some of these moments which each represents its own unique theme and setting.

About Photographer

Marjan Yazdi (1987) is an Iranian-Canadian photographer. After completing her studies in professional photo-imaging at Langara College in 2013, she moved to Yazd,Iran to start a personal project about her hometown. She spent a year exploring the old part of the city, where the older generations still live and work. More she explored the town, deeper she got into the pure and authentic culture of her hometown. She believed that by capturing the culture and lifestyle, she could prevent it from fading away, even though she could observe the modern lifestyle slowly replacing the traditions.