PhotographerMarcin Zaborowski
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyNational Geographic Polska
City/CountrySzczecin, Poland
Photo Date18.07.2017
Entry Description

Mrs. Amelia Sielicka. Born in 1923. She comes from the town of Kovel in Volyn (now Ukraine). Currently she lives alone. Her husband, who was born in Siberia, died several years ago. Marriage in 1945 came to Szczecin with one wave of displaced from Volyn. In that time Szczecin was still in ruins but lot of people came here to find job and new place for living. Despite love family, Amelia lives alone with memories from Kovel. "When I close my eyes, I'm at home."

About Photographer

born 1978 in Poland, based in Szczecin (Poland). Photographer of The National Geographic Polska Magazine and associate member of the Collective Report. Started with travel photography and in the end engaged in documentary one. Searches for social problems and the human's stories. Author of individual and group exhibitions in Poland. Laureate of The Grand Press Photo 2014, honorable mentioned in international photography contests in Los Angeles, Moscow and London. Reported for the Polish Radio on his tour through China, Tibet, Nepal and India. His photos have been published in The National Geographic Polska Magazine. In 2010 he was invited to India where he portraited His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Curiosity to the world led him to Peru, Morocco, Nepal, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, India, Georgia, Tibet, China and many others. In love with his family and wife, who is the best reviewer. Currently working on a long-term project about Rohingya refugees from Myanmar.