PhotographerAndrea Falcon
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryRome, Italy
Photo DateMarch-April 2016
Entry Description

The elderly population is one of the most neglected social groups in Nepal. The causes of concern for the elderly citizens are due to the fact that the family is the only supporting institution and with the change in preference of modern society to live in a nuclear family, the plight of these 60-plus citizens is becoming more and more worrisome. Government support for senior citizens in Nepal is extremely limited, which further increases their vulnerability, especially if they have been estranged from family members. Homeless Senior citizens in Nepal are vulnerable because of various forms of abuse and violence. They undergo physical violence including sexual abuse. They also undergo through economic vulnerability which drags them towards poor health. NGO Saar Nepal, based in Kathmandu, works in the field of senior citizens with the project of Rescue and Rehabilitation of Senior Citizens.