Still Motion

PhotographerGeorge Murphy
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFirstHand Pictures
City/CountryPetaluma, United States
Photo DateSept. 8, 2016
Technical InfoCanon 5D Mark III
Entry Description

STILL MOTION is a series of slow exposure landscapes from the shifting vantage of the rails, featuring scenes from the majestic Waimakariri River Valley, New Zealand. I have long been interested in how the “frozen moment” lives within a broader context of motion and change, experimenting with slow shutter speeds and camera technique to bring these aspects together into a single image. Usually, this has been in the context of a moving subject, but while criss-crossing New Zealand’s Southern Alps, a late snowfall inspired me to explore this idea in reverse, using my own motion through the landscape to isolate complex details from the visual distraction of the broader environment. These images are single, in-camera exposures; muted by the overcast sky, with colors pleasantly contaminated by subtle, out of focus reflections of the wooden interior of the train onto the large panoramic windows I was shooting through.