2nd Place / Editorial / Other_ED


  • Photographer
    Magdalena Pierwocha
  • Date of Photograph

Jenny, 30. She's always dreamed of being a soldier. When she grew up she made her dreams came true, joined the army and went on a peacekeeping mission to Afghanistan in 2009. She did it again in 2011. But that time was different. Her life has changed irretrievably. Her armored troop-carrier hit a hidden Taliban landmine during a patrol. Due to explosion she lost a leg and spent six months in army hospital. Now her life is dedicated to building a house to live there with her mother and two beloved sisters. She tries to come back to normal life thanks to the prosthetic leg. Drives a car, a motorbike, carries out a lot of construction works on her own. She's optimist and spreads it. She would like to study economics in the future, take massage classes, and give children's martial arts classes.

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