The Vegan Chef

PhotographerLuca Boveri
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBerkeley, United States
Photo Date31/07/2016
Technical InfoStudio portrait
Entry Description

This picture is part of a photo series that I realized for a vegan magazine (Vegan Italy). The photo portraits Cecilia Granata recently published her first illustrated cookbook.

About Photographer

Italian photographer relocated in the Bay Area in the 2013. I started doing photography when I was very young with a film camera Olympus OM-10 that my grandma gave me for Christmas. I got addicted to the "click". I travelled all my life (Myanmar, Israel, Thailand, Cambodia, Europe, Cuba, Vietnam, Malaysia, Nepal... and many many other places) and I recorded on different types of cameras and media all the emotions, landscapes and moments that I lived and the life of the people that I met. In the 2012 I did photographed the slaughter of dolphins in Taiji (Japan) as volunteer of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and in the 2013 I moved to the Bay Area where I am currently exploring all the opportunities to impress great moments and wonderful people on files or on a film. I do open air portraits, studio sessions and location photography. I like imperfections in my photos since life is impure and unpredictable. My ambition is to capture the magnificient blend of realism and romanticism that permeate the soul of any being. I love to create value from the details that arise from a natural and spontaneous photo session and I am very fussy about the technical aspect of composition and exposure. The most challenging goal I am aspiring to is to generate an intense emotional experience for the viewers that could last even when they are no more in front of the print: a message, an emotion or simply goose-skin. As a continuous learning process I am currently attending a course in professional photography at the New York Institute of Photography and I am frequently challenging myself in international photo competitions. I am looking to collaborate with models in my area (Berkeley and San Francisco Bay Area) to do open air photo shots, casual environments or in the studio. I have always projects ongoing so please fill free to inquire if you are interested in being included. I am open to discuss the terms of the collaboration based on the experience and personal needs. I am interested in experimenting new ways to deliver great photos and to work together with the models to generate products that will be submitted to competitions, to create professional portfolios or to satisfy the needs of an assignment/project. Unexperienced model are well accepted, but professionalism is fundamental. Then... something more personale about me...I love to spend time taking infrared photographs of landscapes or sailing in the San Francisco Bay with a mirrorless camera in my hand. I love cheese and pasta and I love enthusiast people.