Female Bodyscape

PhotographerJean Huang
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyJean Huang Photography
City/CountryLos Angeles, United States
Photo Date2013
Entry Description

In this series, beauty and sensuality of female bodies is demonstrated by highlighting movement of lines and without exposing "sensitive" areas.

About Photographer

Despite growing up being a creative person, Jean Huang took a long detour before finally utilizing her right brain on a predominant basis. After almost a Ph.D in biology, then a Master’s degree and a close-to-a-decade of stint as a licensed CPA in the financial world, including two of the “Big 4” firms, the beauty of this world became so prevalent that she felt the urge to express through her creation. Jean currently works with female clients in a fine process of Transformational Beauty Photography to uncover/discover their inherent beauty and realizes it in fine art portraiture. This work may not be earth-rattling; but is hopefully life-changing, for both Jean and her clients. When she’s not working on her portraiture work, Jean is exploring the world, looking for untampered natural beauty and authentic cultures to share in forms of visual art. Jean lives in Southern California and tries her best to co-exist in peace with the natural wonders in the yard, such as the squirrels, raccoons, lizards, hummingbirds, and neighbors’ cats, etc.