DJ Romin

PhotographerRobert Merhaut
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyRobert Merhaut Photography
City/CountryLeesburg, United States
Photo Date03/17/2017
Technical Info1/60; f/8.0; ISO100; Strobes
Entry Description

Project DJ Romin: New imagery for DJ Romin's website. Studio session with Nikon D610, 24-70mm lens and Elinchrom strobe with soft box on main light.

About Photographer

I am committed to helping individuals and business tell their unique story in a way that is imaginative and fresh through beautiful photographs. Robert Merhaut Photography was founded to fully leverage his over 20 years of experience as an artist, photographer and business person. My love of art and photography follows a family tradition that I inherited from my Uncle, a professional photographer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to creating compelling award winning photographs, I am known for my professionalism, enthusiasm and relaxed style. I can be counted on to deliver exactly what you are looking for while making it an enjoyable experience. My resume covers a wide range of subjects from the personal to the professional. I bring natural creative talent, a practiced eye, knowledge of what works, deep technical expertise and a true love of photography to my craft. In approaching my work, I am able to draw from my experience in creative direction and production with large companies, agencies and as an entrepreneur. I am equally adept at working collaboratively as part of a professional team and working independently. Whether photographing an event, private moment or common object, I makes the transition between what is real and what is in his mind -- seeing and capturing the extraordinary in the ordinary. I have been a resident of the Washington, DC vicinity for over thirty years. I was corporate photographer for Ernst and Young and have studied and worked in the field photography for over three decades. In 2000 I made the transition from film to digital photography and has perfected my Photoshop skills to enhance my images to a new level.