Land of Ice

PhotographerNavin Sarma
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryChevy Chase, United States
Photo Date2/10/2017
Technical Info1/200 sec at f/8
Entry Description

Late afternoon light hits rolling hills of ice atop the Vatnajökull glacier

About Photographer

I am a nature and landscape photographer – born, raised, and residing in the Washington, D.C.area. I began photography in 2006 as a means to capture beautiful vistas that intrigued me while traveling. Though at the time, I thought an upgrade to an SLR would instantly make me a pro and allow me to create moving images, I found myself to be very mistaken. Over the past 7 years, I have spent countless hours studying and applying the technical and artistic crafts of photography. Through this work, I stumbled on introspection — into questions of soul, purpose, meaning, creation, drive, and potential. Beyond any tangible fortune that may come, I am thankful most for the awareness of self that photography has brought me. As long as photography continues to bring out this passion within me, I will continue to create images!