But for now

PhotographerChristian Mushenko
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySydney, Australia
Photo DateApril 2016
Technical Infoshot on Phase One and Canon
Entry Description

But for now I'll just say I love you Nothing more seems important somehow And tomorrow can wait come whatever Let me love you forever but right now Right now Lyrics by Bob Dorough Humans have an almost universal connection with nature. Immersed in it, we become grounded to a more basic force. Emotional responses to the landscape have long been romanticised as metaphors for the human spirit. Mushenko’s practice explores the landscape as visual poetry speaking to us in emotional terms. Images of the wild and the natural are familiar but at the same time evocative. Beyond pure recognition, we find in them a space to contemplate and be carried away. This body of work came out of Mushenko’s deep desire to connect with loved ones after some recent personal adversities. A longing born out of memories and dreams is portrayed in the solitude amongst the infinite natural world.

About Photographer

Christian Mushenko's photographs have an authenticity that manages to get to the heart of the subject. He specialises in shooting lifestyle, locations, food, and people in his distinctive warm and emotive style. His work is alive and vibrant, with an eye for beauty and humanity that leaves an impression. Christian's award-winning photography is sought by his clients to put them ahead of their competitors. For over 20 years, he has been shooting for some of the world's largest brands, working with direct and agency clients in the UK, the USA, Asia and Australia shooting everything from successful global campaigns to small pro-bono work and personal projects. His ability to relate to put his subjects at ease, from kids to movie stars, and his easygoing and quick working style have led to long standing relationships with a broad base of clients that know Christian always delivers the goods.