Hills of Palouse

PhotographerThomas Ficarro
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyFicarro Photography
City/CountrySpring Lake heights, United States
Photo DateMay 26 2017
Technical Infoiso 100 87 mm f11 1/60
Entry Description

The rolling hills of Palouse ! Every thing was green out there till saw this shot .I love the simplicity of the shot .

About Photographer

I've been shooting for about 6 yrs now with digital . I use to shoot film many years ago as a professional photographer shooting commercial and industrial when i was in my 20's so a few years back i started back shooting and now i'm getting very serious about photography again . I shot for a few magazines and freelanced around back then till i gave it all up about 30 years ago ,so now is my come back i hope !